Eka s.r.l.

Eka is a spin off of the University of Salento and, as such, it includes in its shareholding structure, the University of Salento.

The status of spin-off allows introducing constantly, in the company, highly specialized human capital, coming from the University of Salento. The purpose is to create a center of excellence on issues related to the process of product development and improvement of business processes through various steps, ranging from university education to research and the immediate training “on the job” on industrial projects. In this way it is possible to build, quickly, a core group of specialized resources on technologies and industrial processes in line with the vision of Eka and with the objectives of development of the project X-Net.Lab from which the company originated.

Eka was established as a result of research and training project,  that had as its main objectives:

  • the strengthening of the Net.Lab laboratory, developed at the eBMS (ISUFI) of the University of Salento, operating on scientific and technological issues, relevant in ICT;
  • the strengthening of the strategic partnership among three proposing organizations,  in order to innovate business and development processes supported by ICT, defining new organizational models that can reflect modern business models.

Among its partners EKA includes PLM Systems Srl., leading company in Italy in providing technological (PLM/PDM) and methodological (NPD/NPI) solutions, to support the process of development of industrial products. PLM System Srl. is part of the group Altea SPA, classified since 2005, within the Europe’s 500 Entrepreneurs for Growth, among the companies with the highest rate of innovative development and employment.