Business Partners


plmsystemsPLM Systems is a company that operates in the sectors of automotive, aerospace, electronic, mechanic, plant engineering, fashion and consumption goods. It provides consulting services to manufacturing companies both from the methodological point of view that technology. It cares all phases of the development process of a product, from the re-engineering process to maintenance of technical systems. It realizes applications based on products of Product Data/Lifecycle management.
Thanks to the independence from the technology suppliers and to competences acquired over the years, PLM Systems is able to define strategies of product development, implement PLM projects and provide assistance and training to companies.


plmsystemsPactera is a trusted consulting and technology services company that form 1995 offer with proven global capabilities, quality standards, and efficient delivery processes IT consulting, solutions, and outsourcing services at the global level. They have a strong track record of developing advanced technologies, process innovations and business models for a wide range of Fortune 500 clients spanning many industries including the Financial Services, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel and Transportation, Energy, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Retail & Distribution sectors.


alteaLeading company, in the sector of knowledge of processes, collaboration technologies and applications for business management, has 20 years experience in the field of innovation and sustainability, driving the evolution of companies at 360°. Its pivotal points are the human capital and knowledge sharing through the new Enterprise Social Solution. It proposes vertical solutions, highly specialized, taking into account the different needs of the market and the different types of industries.


naicaNaica is a cooperative established by the collaboration of students and graduates of the University of Salento. It operates in the field of research, training and consulting, offering innovative and comprehensive solutions thanks to the modular structure of the offer. The company supports enterprises in their startup, management, research and development. The main objective of Naica is the creation of new knowledge or the transformation the knowledge, already existing in the customer companies, into products and services.


apphiaApphia is a company that operate in the field of Italian engineering. Its activity is oriented to research and develop innovative solutions in the sector of aerospace, automotive, naval and defense.
The services offered by Apphia involve control and automation systems, innovative manufacturing, engineering and business analysis. Recently, has focused its activity, also, in the field of energy in order to optimize portfolio and auditing. Apphia provides methodological and managerial consulting, highly specialized, taking into account the specific needs of the customer.


advantechFounded as spin-off of the University of Salento in 2010, it has five years experience in the field of virtual engineering. Thanks to the direct collaboration with companies of the Finmeccanica Group, the company has developed competences in the field of business processes, working methods and ICT tools, providing services in the field of IT, Engineering and manufacturing. Advantech has offices in Lecce, Naples and Udine that provide adequate technological coverage, according to the reference customer company.


senso_logo2Spin-off of the University of Salento, has originated from the trait d’union of engineers specialized in networks, networking and multimedia, European designers and experts in business administration. The mission is to raise awareness of the market in the field of computer security of the networks and the disclosure of multimedial solutions with high technological content. The company focuses its attention on the commercialization of technological products developed by the team for the University of Salento. Senso provides services in the field of security, networking, system integration and installation of multimedia rooms.


menatworkLogo2The company, founded by a group of creatives and web marketing experts, operates in the field of ICT. It provides innovative solutions, business-oriented, thanks to the combination of technology and creativity representing the strength of the company. Men at Work Group offers services in the field of digital communication, web content management, document management, social marketing, app&mobile and seo&sem.

Technological Partners


PTC_Service_Advantage logo1PTC is one of the largest technological societies, growing rapidly, worldwide. This company helps leaders in the manufacturing sector to solve the most important business issues, of today.
Eka Srl. has joined the PCT Service Advantage Program, becoming certified partner and offering consulting and training services, complementary, with the same high-level quality standards, provided by PCT.


signavioSignavio provides professional softwares for the analysis and modeling of the business processes.
Since 2012, Eka Srl. is partner of Signavio GmbH and supplier, in Italy, of all implementation and development services of Signavio® solution: processes analysis, customization, integration, deployment and AMS services.

Institutional Partners


dhitech2The consortium Distretto Tecnologico High Tech – DHITECH Scarl – was founded within the Framework Agreement Program regarding Scientific Research signed on 28th April 2005 among the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Apulia Region. The company is not for profit; its aim is the support, through scientific and technological excellence, to attractiveness of investments in the high technology production sectors. The DHITECH is considered the most mature industrial district of Apulia in the field of Public-Private co-participated research, High Education and technology transfer.


dtascarlThe Aerospace Technological District – DTA scarl – is a company not for profit, its purposes are research and technology transfer in the aerospace sector.
Through scientific and technological excellence, ensured by the presence of the Apulian universities and National Research Centers, it proposes and implements initiatives and projects aimed at attracting investments in high technology production sectors, contributing to develop technological and scientific competences of the industrial partners strengthening the Apulian research system, at national and international level.


ditineThe National Technological District of Energy – DiTNE – aims to provide strategies, tools and technologies to give new impulse to the market of renewable energy sources in Italy.
It is in charge of realize in Apulia a public-private research network and technology transfer in the field of energy, in synergy with DHITECH of Lecce (for the high-tech), the District of Mechanotronics of Bari and Dare of Foggia (for the agri-food), it promotes the development and production of new components, becoming a strength and a strategic choice, within the sustainable industry at national and regional level.