Since the beginning of its activity, Eka has specialized on different technologies, in order to support the customer in selecting the more suitable solution to meet the demands and settle problems.

Our approach is based on these characteristics:

  • Remote and on-site support.
 Eka provides AMS services and support on systems for the management and execution of development projects both on-site at the customer that in remote mode.
    In remote mode, Eka ensures data security, through the definition of development environment and certification, directly connected with corporate intranet of the customer.
  • Close link with the University. This link allows to take advantage of the talents and multidisciplinary expertise in computer and management sectors, developed within the University, in order to identify the best resources with the strongest skills to respond, quickly, to various market demands.
  • Lifelong learning and training on the job.
 From the moment when the consultants become part of Eka’s team, they are involved in a process of professional qualification and training “on the job”, as well as of specific knowledge of the business dynamics of the customers. Only in this way they can adequately respond to different customer’s needs.

The current economic environment requires to rearrange, to be flexible and to diversify the employment of human resources; Eka has understood this need, to which responds with technological and management lifelong training for its employees.