During this month, we have formalized an important partnership agreement with the multinational Pactera in order to collaborate on domains such as Product Lifecycle Management, Business Process Management, Document Management Systems, and themes related to the industrial sector.

This partnership will enable us to consolidate and expand our offerings beyond national borders and also acquire greater expertise in new industrial sectors.

Pactera is a trusted consulting and technology services company that form 1995 offer with proven global capabilities, quality standards, and efficient delivery processes IT consulting, solutions, and outsourcing services at the global level.

Pactera have a strong track record of developing advanced technologies, process innovations and business models for a wide range of Fortune 500 clients spanning many industries including the Financial Services, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel and Transportation, Energy, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Retail & Distribution sectors.

The main services offered by Pactera in the world are: Business Intelligence, Big Data, Mobile Services, Web Application Devolopment and Maintenance, SAP, Application Testing, Globalization (Language Translation), Business Process Outsourcing, UX, Oracle EBS, Embedded System Development and Testing, Legacy Systems (COBOL/RPG) Solutions.

The main informations on Pactera are:
Founded in: 1995
Headquarter: Beijing (China)
Global FTE: 22,000+
Sales Office: 12 Country

The customer portfolio of Pactera, includes major industrial groups in the world such as Pepsi, GE, LG, Boeing, Cisco, Sony, Toshiba, CitiBank, and many others.

“When I started this adventure I never thought to achieve these important results. EKA with his management and his teams, who are the heart, has to continue to work with the same commitment and the same determination. What has happened tells us that we never have to set limits” said Prof Angelo Corallo, founder member of EKA.