Project: CPBI – Continuous Pervasive Business Innovation

Project Goals: The aim of the project is to create smart applications for the latest generation of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, ..) that relate operational processes / production with those of innovation and that:

  • allowing access to mobility to enterprise systems for management processes, resources and knowledge;
  • integrate collaboration tools and Idea Management (IM) encompassing a broad communityat the level of Virtual Enterprise;
  • ensure a user experience to the next generation through multimodal interfaces (eg speech recognition) and advanced interaction models.

Applications built will allow workers to participate anytime and anywhere in the processes of innovation, staying constantly updated with respect to the flow of ideas and having the opportunity to contribute easily and immediately.

Call: PO FESR PUGLIA 2007-2013– Intervention 1.2 – Action 1.2.4

Institution: Apulia Region

Partner: OR.COM srl, Università del Salento, SVIC srl, ZeroDD Scarl, Advantech Srl, Eka Srl, Laforgia Bruni & Partners Srl, Cedat 85 Srl, Faver Spa